This is the official website for Dr Emily Ryall, Reader in Applied Philosophy, at the University of Gloucestershire. Emily has appeared on and written for national, local and international media such as The Moral Maze, BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4’s Today, The World Tonight and World at One programmes, ABC news, The New York Times, The Guardian and BBC World Service.

She has given talks on issues related to sport to international audiences around the world. She is also the author of Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions (2016), Philosophy of Play as Life (ed.) (2017) Philosophical Perspectives on Play (ed.) (2015)  The Philosophy of Play (ed.) (2013) and Critical Thinking for Sports Students (2010) as well as a number of book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles.

She is Associate Editor for the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, and former Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association. Most presentations and some written publications found on this site are available to download.

If you would like to read anything that isn’t currently available, then please contact Emily directly or access the University of Gloucestershire’s research repository.

For the latest news, information and discussion you can find Dr Emily Ryall’s page on Facebook.You can also follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog ‘Philosophical Thoughts‘.

Emily Ryall’s details and contact information can be found here.