Invited Keynote Lectures

‘Agential layering in sport and games’ Keynote Speaker at the Czech Philosophy of Sport conference. October 2022.

‘The Future of Research in Body Culture and Play’. Invited keynote speaker at Body Research Conference in Memory of Henning Eichberg, Odense, Denmark. November 2018.

‘Ensuring good governance in sport’. Keynote speaker at British Philosophy of Sport Association, Swansea. April 2018.

Experimental Stories, Wellcome Research Trust, London. October 2017.

‘Why Football is better than Golf’ Invited speaker at The Aesthetics of Football. Wake Forest University, US. July 2017.

‘Good Games as Athletic Beauty’ Keynote speaker to Aesthetics of Football Conference, Basel, Switzerland. July 2016.

‘Is it Right that Sport is Segregated According to Sex?’ Invited speaker to Women in Philosophy, Newnham College, Cambridge University. November, 2015.

‘Managing your Reputation before your Reputation becomes your Legacy’ Invited panelist for the SportAccord Convention, Sochi, Russia. April 2015.

‘Monsters, Mutants and Mistaken Metaphors: Why our fears about genetic technology in sport are unfounded.’ Invited speaker to Kings College London: Philosophy, Medicine and Sport Lecture Series, March 2015.

‘Solving or Resolving? Approaching Ethics Through Wittgenstein.’ Invited speaker to the Gloucestershire Philosophy Society, Cheltenham, October 2014.

‘Good Games and Penalty Kicks’ Keynote Speaker at the Aesthetics of Football Symposium (sponsored by the British Society of Aesthetics), University of Kent, Canterbury, June 2014.

‘Doping in Sport’ Chair along with Endocrinologist, Professor Richard Holt and Drug scientist, Professor David Cowan. Cheltenham Science Festival, June 2014.

‘Has Cheating Ruined Sport?’ Battle of Ideas Festival, London, October 2013.

 ‘To What Extent Should Coaches Allow Athletes to Put Themselves in Danger in Sporting Situations?’ Invited speaker to Aarhus University, Denmark, October 2012.

‘The Value of Athletic Performance’ Royal Institute of Philosophy, January 2012, London, UK.

‘Drugs and bionics: enhancing sport?’ Battle of Ideas Festival, London. October 2011.

‘It’s a fair game’ Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham, UK. June 2011.

‘Drawing the line on doping’, Public debate, Gloucester, UK. January 2011.

‘Beyond Human: Conceptualising the Athlete in a Future of Sport and Technology’ The Gloucestershire Philosophical Society, Cheltenham, UK. October 2010.

‘Defining the Human: Philosophical and Ethical Issues in a Posthuman Age.’ Invited speaker for the Qualitative Research Unit, University of Exeter, May 2007, Exeter, UK

Conference Papers

‘Why A Coach Should Not Seek To Develop A Virtuous Character In Athletes: A Response To Hardman And Jones.’ International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Los Angeles, USA, September 2013.

‘Prosthetic Technology and Athletic Enhancement: Blurring the Human/Nonhuman Divide and What it Means for Elite Sport.’ ICSEMIS, Glasgow. June 2012.

‘Game Playing as the Ideal of Existence: Suits, Utopia and the Singularity.’ International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Porto, Portugal, September 2012.

‘Coaching as a Moral Enterprise: Reflective Practice and Experimental Philosophy’ ICSEMIS, Glasgow. June 2012.

A Coach’s Dilemma: Sanctioning risk and ensuring safety’ Sports and Coaching: Pasts and futures, June 2011, MMU, Manchester, UK.

‘More wordplay: further consideration of Suits’ definition.’ Philosophy at Play. April 2011, Cheltenham, England.

‘There’s No Such Thing as a Sports Science’ British Philosophy of Sport Association, Annual Conference, March 2009, Dundee, Scotland.

‘Sport as a Form of Development Aid’ European Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Tri-annual Conference, May 2008, Aarhus, Denmark and International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Annual Conference, September 2008, Tokyo, Japan.

‘What’s Wrong with the Idea of an Embodied Athlete’ International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, Annual Conference, September 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia